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Flagstone InstallationMerlin is installing more and more square-cut patio's every year. It's looking like this modern landscaping pavement is trending.

Square-Cut Flagstone

Creating stone patios or walkways using square-cut flagstone is a great way to make your outdoor space stand out in a crowd. The clean, modern lines of the stone are a great choice for a number of installations.

Why work with Merlin?

  • We complete an extensive number of square-cut flagstone projects every season in Toronto
  • Our installers are trained and experienced with local stone and local building practice
  • Merlin will stand by our estimate, delivering on time and on budget landscaping solutions

Flagstone installed by trained professionals is a statement in your yard, lasting decades. Proper planning and preparation are paramount to a successful landscape renovation.  Although square-cut flagstone is by nature square we can cut your patio or walkway to any shape or size you wish. Cutting curved  stone borders is just one of our specialties.

Flagstone Porch


Caution when planning your patio:

Banas Flagstone Patio

One of the most important aspects of a patio or walkway is beneath the ground. If you are researching landscaping you probably know by now that the depth of base gravel is extremely important. What you probably don't know is that the type of sub-soil (clay, silt, sand, loam) is even more important to determining  the proper installation procedures of your new flagstone.

What is Square-Cut Flagstone?

Square-cut flagstone is stone that has been split into slices from 1/2"-3" then cut into square shapes using a large diamond tipped saw. Sometimes these stones are sent through a 'calibrator' which shaves the stone down to a specific thickness.

Flagstone and Mortar

Flagstone applied to a porch or concrete surface has to be installed with mortar. This application method is more complicated than dry laid stone. Stone surfaces must be kept clean, free of dirt and grime. Mortar will only dry and cure when above certain temperatures and joints must be packed full of mortar avoiding any air pockets.

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