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Flagstone InstallationMerlin's team of experienced craftsmen install thousands of square feet of dry-laid patios every season. Let us install your patio using our tried and true method.

Dry-Laid Flagstone Installation

Flagstone patios and walkways dry-laid on an aggregate or gravel base are common in Toronto. It is a landscaping technique that has proven itself effective all over the globe. Dry-laid stone patios are a great addition to a backyard renovation.

We prep our sites better
Site preparation is the key to long lasting dry-laid flagstone installations. Most of the important work is unseen, buried underground for nobody to admire.  We take pride in what you can't see.

  • We excavate based on site and soil conditions not a specific depth for every project
  • Grades are planned for the entire project with pin point accuracy ensuring proper drainage
  • Our craftsmen are experts at cutting and shaping the stone for your flagstone patio

Our dry-laid stone patio system consists of a 3/4" crusher run base layer designed for your application with a 1" concrete sand settling bed layer. This sand layer ensures proper drainage away from your new flagstone. Stone is after all porous and keeping it saturated will lead to a failed installation.

Trends in Dry-Laid Flagstone

Recently we have been installing a lot of Indian square-cut flagstone. This product is calibrated to a specific thickness and installing the stone on a properly screeded (flattened) base is a breeze. This means lower installation costs for you and with the availability of over 10 colors it is a great match with many yards. See example above


Dry-laid patios are an economical choice when compared to mortar and concrete based applications. Installation times for flagstone patios and walkways on gravel bases are generally less than wet-laid options. This means more time enjoying your patio and less time enjoying watching us build it :)

Compaction Is Key

When installing flagstone on a gravel base you must compact the base gravel and sub-soil. Proper compaction and base material selection leads to a long lasting patio. Adding just the right amount of water to the gravel before compaction can increase the density of the base and provide a sturdier foundation.

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