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Pergolas & Shade Structures Pergolas are a great architectural accent to any deck or patio. The basic function of a pergola is to shade the area underneath of it however they can be used to grow vines and as a structure to hang bug netting or shade cloth.

Pergola Design

Pergolas can create a different visual level in your yard. By adding a pergola you can optimize a space for enjoyment around the clock and add to the feeling of an outdoor room.

Most pergolas are designed with corner support posts, beams, and joists. By varying the sizing and spacing of the joists you can adjust the pergola for the shade you require. Analyzing the suns path across your pergola throughout the year will also tell you the most effective place and position for your pergola. During the design phase is a good time to discuss any shade cloth or other coverings so they can be planned for during construction.


Pergolas are most often made of wood but steel pergolas can be constructed as well. Most often pergola posts are pressure treated lumber and they can be finished in pressure treated, cedar or pvc.

Pressure Treated Pergola

Pressure Treated Pergola Pressure treated is the most common lumber used to make pergolas. It's rot and decay resistant treatment offer minimal maintence at a good price. The most economical choice, pressure treated lumber is easy to stain to achieve the look you are after. Make sure you let the wood dry out for the reccomended period before staining pressure treated pergolas.

Cedar Pergola

Cedar Pergola Cedar is a quality lumber prized for the oils it contains that offer natural rot resistance. Cedar must be maintained if the natural golden color is to be the final finish. Nice finishing details can be added to posts with cedar for an accent.

PVC Pergola

PVC is a great maintence free product that can be used to accent pergola posts, post bases and face any other accent peices.


Pergolas are a great addition to your yard. Spacing your joists, beams and posts properly is critical, as is the method of fastening. The position and location of your pergola will dictate it's success at providing shade so make sure to take your time in the design process. Property lines and utilities should be marked prior to any digging to avoid injury.

Landscape Design:

One of the most prevalent mistakes homeowners make is to take on their landscape a little at a time. They start projects, begin to clear areas add a mix of plants and continue without a plan. Implementing a design plan with a prepared budget will lead a homeowner to a beautiful landscape that they can feel good about.

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