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Outdoor Living Spaces Outdoor spaces bring the comfort of indoor living and introduce it to nature. Features such as area specific interlock designs, overhead structures, and privacy screens can turn your backyard into outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Design

Adding design elements that enhance the room like feel of your landscape is a great way to ensure enjoyment of your existing space outdoors. Adding elements that mimic interior environments such as walls, ceilings, lighting and flooring can not only ensure protection from the elements but also enjoyment at night.
Interlock Borders Using interlock borders to accent specific design details or spaces is a great way to break up a larger landscape or make smaller spaces that are more room like. The idea of an interlock carpet can accent a sitting area or maybe a standing area in front of a BBQ. Accents can be created by changing the color, style or the orientation of the border. Double borders, or an inset accent border is a popular design feature.
Lighting and FenceAdding fences or privacy screens surrounding your outdoor room can provide a cozier feel and protection from wind. Coupled with overhead structures such as pergolas these features create the feeling of interior space. Properly placed lighting can increase the hours your use your backyard and provide a place to entertain into the evening.


The materials that you choose to create your outdoor room can greatly affect the feel and style of your space. Visiting manufacturer websites or our photo gallery is a great way to see different types of material applications and designs. Choosing the material for each component will ensure the longevity of your landscape and a consistent design.

Modern Designs

Modern Outdoor Space Contemporary or modern designs are characterized by elements such as horizontal fencing, larger square-cut interlock or flagstone, and angular walkways or patios. Accented green spaces and use of wood accents develop a sense of interior space. These outdoor rooms are focused on low-maintenance and entertaining.

Green Designs

Green Living Space Green, garden based outdoor spaces can bring you one step closer to nature. Constructed with green features such as hedges instead of fences these spaces generally have more maintenance associated with them. Natural stone patios and walls add to the natural feel of these landscaped spaces.


Common paving for any outdoor space begins with a base of 3/4" Crusher Run or Granular A gravel. For a light duty application the interlock or flagstone base consists of 4" of highly compacted gravel then a uniform 3/4" layer of concrete sand and finally stone. Any foundation for decks, fences or pergolas should have a minimum depth of 48” to protect them from the harsh Toronto climate. At Merlin our contractors are focused on an efficient landscape installs with minimal environmental impact. Construction of outdoor rooms can lead to future issues such as soil compaction which we work to avoid.

Landscape Design:

One of the most prevalent mistakes homeowners make is to take on their landscape a little at a time. They start projects, begin to clear areas add a mix of plants and continue without a plan. Implementing a design plan with a prepared budget will lead a homeowner to a beautiful landscape that they can feel good about.

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