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Interlock Installation
The theory behind interlock has been around for thousands of years, we just haven’t been building beautiful backyards out of it for that long. Interlock is characterized by stones set on an aggregate (gravel) base and jointed with sand. A paving system with many uses, interlock in Toronto is a popular patio, walkway and driveway finish finish.

Interlock Design

Interlock has been around for a number of years. In that time manufacturers like Unilock, Hanson, Permacon and Techo-Bloc have developed many different types and styles of interlock. From crisp corners to tumbled cobble stone you can find hundreds of different styles and design ideas in manufacturer catalogues and online.

Interlock Border Design Using interlock borders to accent specific design details or spaces is a great day to break up larger spaces or make smaller spaces more room like. The idea of an interlock carpet can accent a sitting area or maybe a standing area in front of a BBQ. Accents can be created by changing the color, style or the orientation of the border. Double borders, or an inset accent border is a popular design feature.
Lighting in Interlock Patio The shape and size of your interlock patio or walkway can make or break the project. Nobody wants their chair legs sinking in the grass because the patio isn't big enough. Make sure you know what size table you wish to have on your patio. Account for walking areas around tables and the space required for other items such as the BBQ with the lid open. Front yard walkways should be at least 4' wide for the ease of passing somebody or walking beside someone. Deciding on curved edges or 90 degress corners can change the feel from country garden to urban escape. Deciding on a theme and sticking with it will unify your interlock project.


There are hundreds of different types of interlock available. Visiting a stone yard or a manufacturer websites is a great way to see different types on interlock and applications. Choosing the right interlock for the application is important to ensure that the stones stand up to the traffic and abuse they take.

Cobble Stone Interlock PatioWalkway and Patios are classed as a low traffic application since no cars or heavy items will travel in these places. Basic interlock comes at a thickness of 2 3/4" which is more than enough to withstand this traffic. Paving slabs also come at a thickness of 2" which is also good for this application. Be careful when choosing factory sealed interlock or interlock with a smooth profile since these can become slippery when wet or icy. Interlock with a cobble stone look is a great additon to a landscape project however be careful when selecting these types of interlock as they can be horribly frustrating to shovel during the winter and make tables and chair rock.
Driveways are classed as a high traffic area. Cars and trucks drive on these surfaces and can park on them for extended peroids of time. Interlock used for this application should be from a well established manufacturer and at least 2 3/4" thick. Interlock is also available at 3 1/4" thick for high traffic applications. Interlock slab products that are 2" thick should be avoided for these applications or used only for borders. The gravel base used for high traffic areas should be atleast 8" deep as opposed to 4" for a low traffic application.


Interlock is constructed on a base of 3/4" Crusher Run or Granular A gravel. This application allows a little flexibility and is why interlock lasts so long. For a light duty appliation the interlock base consists of 4" of highly compacted gravel then a uniform 3/4" of concrete sand and finally the interlock stone. The amount of base gravel is often more than 4" because of high traffic appliations or soil conditions.

Hardscaping Tip:

Simple precautions can be taken to protect your landscape investment. Laying an interlock driveway as opposed to concrete or asphalt will increase the lifespan of the driveway, and reduce the replacement cost. Hardscaping in Toronto can be costly if you do not choose materials accordingly.

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