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Flagstone InstallationFlagstone patios can be a great place to entertain outoors, a place to relax or part of your backyard space. Recently we have been seeing a trend towards more square cut flagstone and less random.

Flagstone Design

Flagstone comes is a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It also comes in a variety of finishes and thicknesses. Picking the right stone for the space is important inorder to ensure your enjoyment and maximize the life of the flagstone.

Flagstone Patio Construction You can buy flagstone in thicknesses anywhere from a 1/2" to 4". Selecting the proper thickess and installation procedure will determine the life expectancy of your project. Generally the thicker the product the more heavy duty traffic it can withstand. With a mortared flagstone application on concrete you can normally get away with a slightly thinner stone as opposed to an aggregate based application.
Flagstone has a range of finishes. Often the rock itself or how it was split will determine the finish on the stone. It's important to take note of the finish and color of the stone you will be selecting for your project. Selecting a flagstone that is too rough will leave tables and chairs rocking. Choosing a stone that is too dark and slippery will be uncomfortable around a pool. It's best to take a trip to the stone yard and see the stone for yourself.


Banas Square Cut Flagstone

Banas Flagstone Patio Banas flagstone is an extremely popular square cut stone in Toronto. With more than 10 different colors, five sizes and matching stairs, coping and pillar caps available, Banas is a great choice for patios and porches. Sold at a very reasonable price (about 1/2 of Ontario Limestone) it can be used for mortared or aggregate applications. Merlin Construction Ltd. works extensively with Banas flagstone.

Ontario Limestone

Whenever possible and within budget I suggest using stone from right here in Ontario. This flagstone has a great color and grain and is available in many different cuts and finishes. Since the stone is cut from the ground in Ontario we have access to matching steps, copings, armor stone and many other stone products. Ontario limestone despite being local is about twice the price of Banas Flagstone. Normally thicker than Banas, this stone can be seen on houses more than 100 years old.

Precast Flagstone

Cast Flagstone Toronto Precast flagstone is created with concrete using moulds that are usually cast from real stones. They closely mimic the look of natural stone but are known for not being as durable and in some cases slippery. Precast flagstones usually fade with exposure to daylight and the aggregate can be seen when chipped. They do however provide a natural stone look at a lower price point.


Flagstone projects are not overly complicated. They do however require some special equipment but no licences or permits. Flagstone can be installed either on an aggregate base consisting of 4-12" of compacted 3/4" Crusher Run Gravel and 1" of concrete sand or on a concrete base bonded with mortar. Both applications have their pros and cons. Get in contact with us to hear more about flagstone installation methods.

Hardscaping Tip:

When installing wet-laid flagstone it is important to wash the stones with clean water throughout all steps of the process. Sometimes specific chemicals are required to remove hazing created by mortar residue. Stone sealers change the appearance and durabuility of flagstone installations.

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