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Fence Installation Fences are a great way to divide your backyard space. Whether it be from the neighbours or dividing your existing space into different areas fences can be a great accent to any yard.

Fence Design

Chances are you've seen thousands of fences over the years, some basic vertical boards, some shadow box fences and more recently we have been trending towards horizontal fences.

Dividing an existing space with fences can make it seem larger than it is. By not being able to see the extents of your backyard your eye can be tricked into assuming the yard is larger than it is. The use of half or shorter fences can be used to divide space while allowing you to keep existing slightlines. Planting some small shrubs infront of a nicely put together fence or 'screen' can be a nice accent in a garden.


There are many different fence finishes available with a wide range of features, prices, and maintance. Most often the fence posts set in concrete are pressure treated and faced with your chosen finish. This lumber has been treated and is rated for ground contact outdoor application.

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Fence Pressure treated lumber has been treated with a chemical to resist rot and decay. It is a great lumber to use for a functional fence to divide yards or keep the dog out. It will last a long time and minimal maintence is required. New lumber treatments have been produced and the old green pressure treated is now a thing of the past. Pressure treated fencing can be stained or painted to achieve the desired look.


Cedar Horizontal FenceCedar fences look and smell great. This lumber also has natural oils which resist rot and decay meaning no special treatement is applied from the lumber yards. The wood has a light brown color which will fade to grey without maintence in a couple of years. Cedar fences are more expensive than pressure treated fences as the materials are about twice the cost.


Fences are a easy addition to your yard and no premits are required. When building a fence make sure property lines are marked accurately and that the ground you are digging in is free of utilities. Fence posts should be placed 4' in the ground with 8-10" sonotubes filled with concrete. For a horizontal fence, posts should be placed about 6' apart. For a vertical fence board application you can get away with just under 8'.

Landscape Design:

Often people envision a fence as a seperation or barrier between you and your neighbours. Adding design features such as custom lattice or landscape lighting will make your fence more appealing. Always ensure that all fence post holes are at a depth of 4'. Proper installation will prolong the life of the fence.

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