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Deck Design and Build Building a deck is a great way to expand the living space of your house into the outdoors. Deck building in Toronto requires some forethought, planning and expert execution.

Deck Design

The design stage is where you can let your creative juices flow. Here is a couple tips to really great deck designs.
Take advantage of current conditions in your backyard. Take note of where the sun rises and sets and how long you will be sitting in the sun or stuck in the shade. Placing your deck at the corner of your house can provide sun and shade options as well as the ability to get out of the wind if your backyard space is windy. Placing your deck in and around trees is a great feature but be careful of fruit, peddles, or needles falling onto the deck surface. An excessive build up of 'nature' can decrease the life of your deck and increase maintence.
Traditionally the decks that I have seen in Toronto are placed just outside the kitchen or off of the living room. A deck doesn't have to be placed right beside your house. Placing your deck out in the yard can invite people further into your space inorder to create the illusion of space. A landscaped walkway or even a wooden 'boardwalk' can be used to connect your deck to your other living space.


There are many different deck surfaces available with a wide range of features, prices, and maintance. Traditionally the frame of the deck is built of preassure treated lumber. This lumber has been treated to fight off rot, insects and decay. In an outdoor application is the only lumber that the city will allow you to build a deck frame out of. For the deck surface there are a number of options listed below.

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Decking Pressure treated deck is the most economical option. Pressure treated provides years of enjoyment at a pricepoint many homeowners have their eye on. With the same coating as the deck frame the deck boards are resistant to rot and decay and will last as long at the deck boards are gapped properly and installed in the proper fashion.


Cedar Decking Toronto Cedar decking is a great alternative to pressure treated. It comes in the same dimensions but looks and smells a whole lot better! Cedar has oils in it which naturally resist decay but cedar will require more maintance than pressure treated. People might fall inlove with the color of cedar but after a winter or two it will fade to a grey if not properly taken sealed or stained on a proper maintance scheduale. Cedar decking is about twice the price of pressure treated decking.


Using a hardwood for a deck surface is a great investement. Most hardwoods used on deck surfaces such as Ipe (eepay) are extremely dense. Ipe has a rated resistance to fire and it's natural oils will prevent rot for a very long time. Bugs also will not be able to nest in this wood because it's too hard! This material requires predrilling and special fasteners. The price of Ipe is about 3.5 times as much as pressure treated.


Many decks in Toronto require a building permit and many don't. If your deck needs a permit it's not worth the future hassle of continuing without one. Decks over a certain height need a permit. Also decks over a certain height require handrails and guards. Stairs have to be built to code with proper sized treads and rises and if you are attaching your deck to your house a permit is required. If your suspect your deck requires a permit, consult with a contractor or your local building department and make sure your new deck will comply. Permits can take some time to get but many decks can be put through residential fast-track which normally takes less than 5 business days.

Landscape Design:

Design features like a picture frame border on your deck can help define edges and areas. We offer insight during the design and planning phase to be able to include such features. Accents of green areas can also change the feel of a Toronto landscape.

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